Annett C. Ellis Realty is a boutique real estate office with an unsurpassed global reach.  We are located directly in the Village of Atlantic Beach.  Our community is a small one, requiring an intimate and personal knowledge of the market and its inventory. 

Annett Ellis has been a resident of Atlantic Beach for nearly thirty years, and has been practicing real estate here for nearly twenty of those years.  Over those years, her and her agents have sold countless homes, but more importantly, many valuable personal relationships have been forged. 

An enthusiasm for making the community a better place to live and a passion for real estate are what make Annett C. Ellis Realty, Inc. the only alternative for all your real estate needs.

Annett C Ellis Realty, Inc.

99 The Plaza
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509
Office: 516-239-2846
Fax: 516-239-6648