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I am a local Real Estate expert with extensive experience in the field. I specialize in Marketing and Selling residential properties (houses, condos and co-ops). I have a unique way of helping You whether you a Home owner or just looking to buy.

Over the last 17 years of my real estate career, I helped hundreds of families and individuals with the selling and buying process in many different areas of Queens.

I am always available to answer all you real estate questions including market trends, prices and activity in your neighborhood. When you are selling or purchasing a co-op, condo or house, you can be sure that I will be by your side all the way and help you achieve your goals.


Experience Unique & Proven Marketing That Benefits Home Owners The Most.
No obligation market reports and complimentary advice!


"Very trustworthy agent! He's been our agent of almost 10 years and he is very professional. He takes care of his clients really well. We have no complaints but only praises! You cannot go wrong with Vlaho. We are currently looking for a new home with him. It's been such an exciting time for us and we are really glad that he is the one helping us to get our new home. BTW, Thank you Vlaho for helping us sell our coop apartment so fast (less than 1 month)! YOU'RE AMAZING!"


We had a very complicated sale and buy, which Vlaho facilitated expertly. We had to sell a very cluttered 1BR which was already way too small for our family of 3. There was almost no way to clean it up and stage it because of the amount of stuff we had. But we got our asking price, which we used to buy a wonderful property that we love. We have been living here for about a year and a half and feel very happy. Vlaho knows everyone and everything. He got us a good lawyer, a lender, a painter and even a house cleaner, so that we could move in with the least amount of stress in a very stressful transaction.
As a side note, we had bought our first apartment from him and followed his advice to renovate it to increase the value. It's like one-stop shopping, he really knows everything and he is very honest, helpful, reliable and respectful. If anyone asks me for advice selling and buying in Queens, I always talk about Vlaho. Can't say enough good things.

Mika and David

I’ve bought and sold three properties now with Vlaho. All three have been in co-ops, which require very hands on approach with all parties. The tricky landscape of co-ops also needs a clear understanding of the delicate financial prerequisites. He has a creative and well-tuned business mind for making sure the sale is a success and everyone is satisfied. Most importantly, Vlaho knows his clients and the market extremely well, so rest assured you’re in good hands. And when the sale is final, you have a delicious bottle of Croatian wine to look forward to!
Vlaho is incredible. Not only is he a masterful professional with his experience, but he is extremely patient, honest and knowledgable. I feel tremendously grateful that I have met Vlaho and have grown to know him both personally and professionally. If it wasn't for Vlaho, I would not be a home owner. A true class act and an original man. Will always be upfront, answer his phone and do what he says. In today's world, its difficult to find someone of pure integrity, particularly in New York. In Vlaho, you will find this. Call him and meet him. Trust me: there's nobody better. It's an honor to write this recommedation.


I know Vlaho for 5 years. He helped me to buy apartment twice and sold my apartment once. He is professionally doing his job. He always tries to make things easy for you. It is a pleasure working with him.

Vlaho Baletin served as our real estate agent for both the purchase of a 3 bedroom apartment and the sale of a 2 apartment in Celtic Park in Sunnyside, Queens. During both the purchase and the sale we relied on and appreciated Vlaho's experience, communication skills, and professionalism. All aspects of the purchase and sale were handled efficiently and promptly. We couldn't have been happier with the buying and selling process.
Vlaho was there every step of the way and made the process as painless as possible.
He was very responsive, honest and very supportive. We felt no pressure to make any decisions until we were comfortable with them, and his advice was always honest and direct.
We would highly recommend Vlaho to anyone planning the purchase or sale of their home.

I am very grateful that I had Vlaho as my broker as I looked to purchase an apartment in Queens. He was very knowledgeable of the area and the entire home buying experience. I always felt like he worked hard to get what was best for me. He was honest and trustworthy. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase an apartment.

Vlaho is the most amazing person and we are so thrilled to get to work with him on this journey. He's very knowledgeable about the market and always looks for the best interest for his client. As a first time home owner, we always have tons of questions and he has been very patient answering all our concerns and answers. I highly recommend him to anyone...
Helped me buy a house

I was 100% pleased that you helped me buy a new one in record time.
I definitely recommend your services.
Thanks again for everything.


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