Get to know Harriet Robertson
I wanted to give you just a little bit of background on how I became a real estate agent. I
did not enter real estate like anybody else.
Before I became a realtor, I worked in a laboratory. It was a good job but you know that
feeling that something was missing? Maybe I was too young then to figure it out. Then
later on, I came to a realization that it just didn't give me the interaction that I was
looking for with people, but it was somehow bearable, as long as it paid the bills. Until I
became a mom. Soon after, it felt like the 9-5 schedule was very confining. Especially if
you have a baby to take care of, I am sure most moms would agree. 
So I had a bit of a soul-searching of what I really wanted to do with my life that would
enable me to balance work with family. Real estate became the answer. 
I ventured out on the world of real estate and I never looked back. It felt like I was in
control of my life for the very first time. I love what I do, I like the flexibility that I can
work when I can while meeting and helping people get the dream home they've always
All of a sudden I was selling a lot of homes, and I didn't even own a car then. So the
broker bought me a car and said "let's see how many more properties you can sell now
that you have a car." And I surely didn't disappoint him. I was selling so much that in
the early 80's, I got introduced to REOs (Real Estate Owned properties by a lender). At
the time, our office was the only real estate firm that handles REO properties. I learned
it from the bottom up, which led me to become a member of NRBA (National REO
Brokers Association).
I treat each project with special attention as if it were the only one in my portfolio. My
valuations are supported with "personal" Market analysis, and the knowledge of my
I take pride in providing outstanding service to my clients throughout the entire process,
from trash outs, cash for keys, repairs, ensuring that the properties are securely locked,
to closing, or the point when the property gets sold.
I also ventured on retail properties. I am completely abreast with the newest
technologies and market innovations on Five Star, NRBA, NAREB, First American and
many more.
Going above and beyond to provide only the best service to my clients is my passion.
Over the years, I owe my success to my clients and I stay in touch and friends with them,
mostly continuing to live happily in their home 30 years after. The beauty of my job is
that I get to help with things I could never have done in my previous job, like volunteer
and help people. I have worked with so many charities, schools and other things that
add quality to your life. I must admit I am fortunate to have trained for wonder career,
left it and still feel that I got the best. I worked for many years in the hospital an
experience that was great, in Real estate again great and still on the planet. Thanks to
the people and their encouragement.